Upon reflecting on my take on U.S. diplomacy in this blog (‘Obama’s Diplomatic Legacy’), I have to ask whether Trump was specifically the antidote to a good image for the U.S. abroad, funded by a New York Wall Street guard who prefer global power reside with the U.N. in the seat of New York’s influence rather than with American ideals embodied in, say, Jefferson or Lincoln or, yes, Obama.  Not since the sinking of the General Slocum have we seen a ship go under so quickly as American Diplomacy, as a result of its losing leverage as a place where people coexist.  This is eerily Civil War material, were it not the result of an adversarial foreign influence America knows already all too well.  One can’t forget that the seat of KGB influence in America is in New York; and they are there because that is where the money is.  They know all too well that their ambitions had been previously lost to economics.  It is time that America take back its Economy, and that does not happen by feeding from the Devil’s hand.