I went to a prestigious University for my Masters in Philosophy where Conspiracy was front and center. It was something of an on-going test whether your ideas were too smart or probing or suggestive for taste. This went all the way to the point that very smart people needed to make open public statements against Conspiracies in general to make it out, even when suggestions made were in fact reasonable interpretations of facts. Asking the wrong question could be enough. It was sometimes a matter of who got to know what and when, but too often it could be leveraged politically. Trapping someone by leading them into territory that logically led them to make questions which for their own sake they shouldn’t, could be performed as a game and lead one into real and physical trouble. For this and other reasons I have made the suggestion of elections into the Intelligence Community. Writing and publishing atheoryof.us was very bold for someone like me (atheoryof.me). Whatever comes of me please don’t forget. In the end it really was a logical integrity that saved me, despite any and all creativity I display in these or other writings. But yes, Trump and other’s are making my case for a democratic IC (or MIC) easy. The need for at least representation among those with resources to understand the truth couldn’t be more apparent, whether you support the left or the right side of the aisle. I hope that turns blessing over the current curse.